Calasade is a continent largely similar to Ancient Rome in architecture, society, and language (most Calasadeans otherwise known as Regna speak Latin). Beyond that, there are differences. Regna possess degrees of magic thanks to their ancestors, the Unayel, and the civilized states are more advanced in many ways than were the Romans; in areas such as metallurgy and alchemy, for instance. Indeed, many advances were made during the Age of Bethel.

What came before, the Age of Decadence, was a horrid era during which the Seven Rulers waged war on their fellow nations, renting the countryside and flooding fields with blood. Before that, there was the Great Confrontation and the Age of Bestial. Now, with Bethel’s descendants all gone, we are in the Age of Unrest and Calasade has become three civilized states surrounded by unmanaged and unpredictable tribes. Those three civilized states include Elasai (temperate and southernmost), Fors, and Permia (cold and northernmost). All are governed by constitutional monarchies and have a history of skirmishes. The unmanaged states — larger than any civilized state — are Metallum and Avia, both of which threaten to return Calasade to true feudal times. This is especially true of Avia after losing the Great Confrontation ages ago.