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Building a relationship with readers is one of the most rewarding things about writing. Me, I’m a reader, too, so you and I share a love for books. On occasion I send short reviews of the best stories I’ve read because a good book can never have too many readers. Nor can readers have too many good books.

Or free stuff. :) Subscribers to my newsletter receive free e-books and advanced reader copies in exchange for reviews.

Welcome, friend! Good to you have you join us. Good on you as well for helping us promote Calasade and win some great prizes in the offing. You will, of course, be granted advance reader copies, get sneak peeks, and take part in great conversations with author Mark Stone and other Harenarium members.

Want an extra boon? Only Harenarae will get Gilinard and Istel upon the novella's completion. Gilinard and Istel tells of the Great Confrontation and how Calasade came to be as we know it. This, friend, was the time of the Septengenti, when demigods lived among mortals and a Septengenti's love for a Regnum woman brought about cataclysmic events.

Autographed copies available only to the likes of you at no cost.

Yet another benefit! Harenarae can download Gunslinger Greed, a Weird Western, and Calasade: Wayward, a graphic novel, for free.

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